Our Business Model

Since our founding in 1986, Unifund has managed billions of dollars of delinquent accounts receivable. We have been a pioneer in the debt collection industry, creating many of the products and procedures that are now commonplace in our industry. At Unifund, we use proprietary technology and processes in unique ways, enabling us to obtain superior recoveries from charged-off accounts.

How is Value Created?

We are best known for purchasing large portfolios and applying proprietary tools and logic to create value. Value is unlocked by investing in the right portfolios, applying diagnostics and analytics, then pursuing the right courses of action based on our knowledge and experience.

Our proprietary technology and entrepreneurial approach help to transform non-performing debt portfolios into profitable asset pools. We deliver strong returns for our own accounts and for the portfolios we manage for other companies. Our data-driven systems are the keys that enable us to extract value from these accounts.



Unifund is a master servicer in the consumer collections industry. We service accounts for issuers, debt buyers, attorneys, and investors.

For over 25 years Unifund has been helping consumers by lowering the cost of credit, settling accounts at a discount when appropriate, and treating all consumers with the respect they deserve during the collection process. If you’ve received a letter from Unifund, seen our name on your credit report or received a call or letter from one of our collection partners then we have entered into an arrangement with your original creditor and we want to help you resolve your obligation.

Consumer Service Center

Contact us for account questions and resolutions, including:

  • Make a payment
  • Talk to a consumer service representative
  • Discuss a letter from Unifund

For general questions or comments,
call us at 513.489.8877.

Portfolio Services

Recovery Decision Science (RDS) offers a proven suite of services that optimize recoveries. We use the decision and recovery solutions Unifund has perfected in liquidating its purchased portfolios for over 25 years. RDS is available to creditors, debt buyers, attorneys, and owners of distressed receivables. We bring you a fresh perspective on the recovery of distressed debt in ethically and legally compliant ways.

Important information required by law: Unifund CCR Partners and Unifund CCR, LLC are debt collectors. This communication is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.