Payment Options

Payment Options

Traditional and alternative options for resolving your account

We understand that people can fall behind on their payments for a variety of reasons. We understand that debt resolution can be a challenging process, so we offer a variety of options to help achieve financial fitness. Our goal is to help you fulfill your financial obligations so you can improve your financial wellness.

Payment Options

We simplify the account resolution process through flexible payment options and innovative balance resolution options. We offer individualized payment plans, discounted resolutions when appropriate, and alternative solutions that offer consumers unique options to resolve their debt. 

Traditional payments can be made through our secure online payment portal, over the phone with representative assistance, and through the U.S. Postal Service. Alternative options include our exclusive PAYCE program that allows consumers to pay down debts through everyday shopping and purchases, and our Learn & Earn financial education program that encourages consumers to learn about balancing a budget while earning reductions on outstanding account balances.

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Unifund Secure, Online Payment Portal Icon

Secure, Online Payment Portal

Unifund’s online payment portal is the most convenient way to make a payment on your account. Accessible from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, we make payments simple and secure. Please have your account number available when accessing your account.

Pay by Phone

Our professional representatives are available to help you make a payment over the phone and answer your questions. We can also discuss options for resolving your account that fit your budget. To reach a member of our team, please have your account number and call:

(888) 384-8171
Business Hours, M-F 9:00-5pm ET

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Pay by Mail

Payments made through the mail will be processed upon receipt. Please do not mail cash and remember to include your account number with your payment. Payments can be mailed to our office at:

10625 Techwoods Circle
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Need Assistance?

If you have questions regarding your account, need to update account information, or would like to discuss options for resolving your account, our professional representatives are available to assist you. Please call us at 888-384-8171 during business hours: M-F 9:00-5pm ET

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Increase your financial literacy with the help of our free consumer resources.

Increase your financial literacy with the help of our free consumer resources.