Powerful Partnerships

Creating success one successful partnership at a time

Since 1986, Unifund has been an industry-leading partner to major banks, financial institutions, and other creditors for the purchase and management of distressed consumer receivables. Our long-term success comes from our ability to develop customized solutions that seamlessly integrate into each creditor’s processes to achieve maximum results.

Consistency from Detailed Processes

Through years of experience, our team has developed detailed processes that make partnering with Unifund easy and convenient. We provide creditors a simple, transparent, and flexible process that ensures accuracy and the integration of client-specific preferences. The secure transmission of data and documents is an integral part of our process, ensuring the highest levels of protection and privacy for your data. We assign a dedicated representative to each client who learns more about each organization and builds a deeper relationship through more personalized service.

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Onboarding Partners

Our goal is to provide an easy and efficient onboarding experience for our clients that builds the foundation for a real partnership. We create relationships through availability and prompt, personalized service. We’ve established simple processes for important tasks that reduce onboarding cycle time and create a faster turnaround. Our team can quickly complete any required Request For Information and we connect our IT team with yours to reduce friction and swiftly solve any challenges.

Auditing & Validations

Creditors rely on Unifund and our state of preparedness. We are a data-driven organization with a strong emphasis on data security, compliance, and audit preparedness. Unifund can easily comply with audit requirements because our organization stays at the peak of compliance. Through our compliance management system and our custom audit and performance reports, we are able to address and proactively manage any potential risks. We have an established and readily-accessible policy and procedure library, and we can provide SOC I Type II / PCI / RMAI audit reports on demand.

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Learn more about how Unifund reduces risk through data protection and compliance.

Learn more about how Unifund reduces risk through data protection and compliance.