Unifund, a leading manager and purchaser of distressed consumer receivables, is concluding its 2021 community campaign that supported several Cincinnati, OH area nonprofit organizations. The community campaign was developed at the start of the year to virtually but meaningfully support select organizations serving critical need populations in Unifund’s local community during and after the economic impacts of Covid-19. 

“Giving back has consistently been an integral part of Unifund’s culture,” says Blair Kamrass, VP of Human Resources. “Remote work and gathering restrictions called for innovation and a shift in our approach so that we could continue to involve the whole team in serving the local community in a meaningful way. We’re honored that we’ve had the opportunity and ability to continue these efforts virtually, particularly during the many challenges people in the community have faced during 2021.”

Q1 Food Bank Drive

During quarter 1, the Unifund team held a virtual food bank drive to help stock the Freestore Foodbank in Unifund’s home city of Cincinnati. The large food bank serves 37.7 million meals annually throughout 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The meals are distributed via food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, community centers, program sites, senior centers, and daycare facilities. In addition to providing emergency food, the organization also provides social services and more to assist those in need to connect to the necessary resources and channels for regaining independence and self-reliance. The 501(c)(3) is a Charity Navigator Four Star Charity and is one of Ohio’s largest food banks.

Q2 Diaper Drive

Unifund held a virtual diaper drive for support of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank during the 2nd quarter of 2021. As the only diaper bank in Cincinnati, the nonprofit organization focuses solely on ensuring parents and childcare providers have access to diapers. This simple but critical item often adds up to a significant monthly cost. Stretching diaper life when funds are short can lead to serious rashes, infections, and discomfort for children. Moreover, insufficient diaper supply causes issues with childcare centers that rely on parents to provide each enrolled child’s diapers. Providing emergency diaper provisions for parents and childcare centers in economically challenging situations can make a huge difference in a caregiver’s finances and a young child’s daily life.

Q3 School Supply Drive

The fundraising and donation focus for the 3rd quarter will be on Crayons to Computers. Parents living on a stretched budget can’t always go shopping for the required supplies, and many children arrive at school unprepared. Crayons to Computers steps in to provide necessary supplies to families and schools for every child to be able to have a strong start to the school year. Teachers have noted that disparity in access to materials was even more apparent and accentuated during this year’s virtual learning. Schools will likely return to more “normal” procedures and attendance policies with the upcoming school year due to nationwide loosening of pandemic-related restrictions; However, many families will still be recovering financially and many students will still be recovering academically from the interruptions/challenges to learning during the 2020-2021 school year. Unifund looks forward to providing supplies to help ensure students in the area have the tools needed for success when the new school year starts. 

Q4 Holiday Toy Drive

To wrap up the year, Unifund will hold a virtual holiday toy drive for the Brighton Center. This United Way of Greater Cincinnati partner provides comprehensive social services, emergency services, employment and workforce development, youth outreach programs, housing, senior programs, and more. The organization’s mission is to “create opportunities for individuals and families to reach self-sufficiency through family support services, education, employment, and leadership.” By helping to remove barriers to independence, the Brighton Center serves the community holistically and provides restored hope and opportunity for people of all ages. Unifund is responding to the organization’s call for assistance in the upcoming Holiday Drive. Last year, the holiday drive was adapted to an Amazon Wish List Adopt a Child program to reduce physical contact. We will learn more about the specifics of this year’s approach as the organization assesses pandemic-related needs and restrictions and as the drive draws closer to its start date. 

Employee Choice Donations

To boost the reach of the community campaign and involve our team more personally, Unifund committed to contributing $100 to a nonprofit organization of the employee’s choice during the month of the employee’s work anniversary. We provided a list of approved organizations and employees may reach out to our Human Resources team for requests to donate to an organization not on the list. This has been a rewarding experience for our team to know their choice created a measurable impact on the organization of their choice. 

Community Impact and Company Culture

“We have always preferred to focus our efforts on targeted areas to make the most impact and we are thankful for our team’s involvement in helping to make this year’s community campaign successful,” says Blair Kamrass, VP of Human Resources. “We’re looking forward to continuing the 2021 campaign and re-assessing at the end of the year to see what’s in store for 2022. It has truly been a humbling and positive experience so far to be able to provide careers and community impact during a time that has challenged us all. We’re greatly appreciative of our team for their ongoing involvement and incredible sense of shared responsibility for our local community.”

To learn more about our commitment to our communities, please visit our website.

About Unifund CCR Partners and Unifund CCR, LLC

Founded in 1986, Unifund CCR Partners and Unifund CCR, LLC has been a leading manager and purchaser of distressed consumer receivables. Unifund specializes in managing, servicing, purchasing, and liquidating non-performing judgments and defaulted consumer portfolios from major banks, creditors, originators, financial institutions, and owners of distressed receivables. We believe that our success is interdependent with the well-being of the communities in which our employees live and work and actively partner with multiple charitable organizations each year. Unifund is headquartered in Cincinnati, OH.