Receivables Acquisitions

Receivables Acquisitions

Receivables Acquisitions

A reliable partner for creditors to sell receivables to create immediate cash flow

Unifund is an industry-leading manager and purchaser of distressed consumer receivables with decades of experience. We specialize in purchasing and servicing non-performing consumer receivables and dormant judgment portfolios. We are a trusted partner of major banks, financial institutions, and other creditors across the country. Using our proprietary technology in combination with our extensive market research and data science, we provide unparalleled accuracy, transparency, and compliance throughout every stage of the acquisitions and recovery process.

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We Buy Receivables

When creditors need a quick influx of cash, Unifund is a reliable and long-trusted partner for the purchase of distressed and non-performing receivables portfolios. We provide clients with fast and flexible solutions that maximize the value of receivables. Using our proprietary algorithms to evaluate individual accounts, we are able to provide streamlined portfolio valuations and faster access to cash for creditors.

Why Sell To Unifund

Delinquent accounts become more difficult to collect as time passes after a delinquency. We generate greater returns on non-performing assets by measuring and understanding the underlying situation for each account. Through our affiliate, Recovery Decision Science, we are able to predict more accurately which accounts have the greatest propensity to pay and the level at which they are able to pay.

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Strong Capitalization

Unifund is a preferred receivables sale partner for creditors. Our strong capital position enables us to quickly evaluate and execute on portfolio purchases. We have a streamlined closing process that enables us to make decisions without the need for third-party investor approvals, shortening the transaction process to improve the timing of cash flow for our creditor partners.

Keeping Your Data Safe

We understand the value of data and how consumers rely on us to keep their information private and secure. We go to great lengths to protect the digital information entrusted to us. We transfer files safely through secure connections and implement stringent information controls to ensure the constant protection of private data. We have earned SOC I Type II, PCI Compliance and RMAI Debt Buyer certifications.

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Let us help you create more predictable cash flow from your unpredictable accounts receivable portfolios

Let us help you create more predictable cash flow from your unpredictable accounts receivable portfolios.